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Love is unconditional. It’s not something you feel for someone only when they act the way you want them to.

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"Girls guide to dating girls"

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Ashley: You wanna know my favorite thing about you? It’s your little nose, and the way you pout. And I love how you always make me feel safe. I’m so afraid that when you leave, I’m not gonna know what to do when my world falls apart.
Spencer: You sound like you’re gonna die or something.
Ashley: Well, I’m not gonna die, but I could lose an organ. Like my heart.

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“He was cute. And I thought I was in love. I mean, aren’t you supposed to be if you go all the way? Anyway, his family had horses and they lived on this really cool farm. So we went to the barn, and we were excited because we were both virgins and we knew it was going to be this incredible experience. I mean it had to be, otherwise why would everyone be so obsessed with it, right? Well, it wasn’t incredible, not even fun. It was over almost before it began. And I cried. I don’t know if I was happy or sad or just relieved. But I cried. I wish I could have a new first time, with someone I really do love, who gets me. Maybe I will…”

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