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Mom’s Night Out - May 9, 2014

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Sarah Drew as Allyson in Mom’s Night Out (x)

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MOM’S NIGHT OUT (Movie Trailer)

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"Arizona is attempting to rekindle her marriage with Callie"


Sarah Drew - THR interview


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"April is a little bit Bridezilla-y in that she’s fired her sisters as bridesmaids and hired three people who are in the middle of some serious emotional trauma and also fighting with each other, so she does not have the most supportive bridesmaids ever,” Drew says."


Sarah Drew - Tv Guide interview

So, emotional trauma for Arizona? What do you guys think it’ll be? Final break-down over a patient case and amputation? With Alex and Callie in the O.R?

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"The last five minutes are completely shocking, both at the wedding and back at the hospital, and when we first got the script and were all together for the table read, Ellen Pompeo was like, “WHAT? What?” and stopped the table read, just saying, oh my God, I can’t believe this. You cannot miss the last five minutes, and after you see them, you’re going to stand up screaming, what’s going to happen now!"


Sarah Drew talking about last 5 minutes of mid-season finale

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