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Maca: I’m going!
Vilches: Where?
Maca: …to be happy.

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Vilches & Manuela 20x01 Hospital central 

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Maca, Vero and Claudia are discussing teen love and romance.
Maca: A boy from my class gave me a kiss and I threw a rock at his head.
Vero: Well, at sixteen I organized kissing games in the girl’s bathroom that caused a scandal.
Claudia: Man, couldn’t you just hide and smoke like the rest of world?
Claudia: The first boy that dumped me sent me a card that said “I just got a motorcycle and I don’t have time for you.”
Maca: How beautiful! You should have thrown a rock at him.
Claudia: I was crying for six days straight.
Vero: No one has ever dumped me.
Claudia: You have nerve, honey.
Maca: I’m sure it’s true, but don’t worry because I will leave you soon.
Vero: Yeah, you’re going to leave me when I tell you to… not before.

My perfect OT3. So much to love about these scenes. First, these three were always amazing when they had scenes together. Part of me wishes they just would have made Claudia gay so that she and Vero could have hooked up. Wouldn’t that have been hilarious for Maca? Your ex dating your best friend. Okay, maybe just hilarious in my head canon. Second, I love the banter. So effortless. Third, VERO, YOU PERFECT GOLD STAR LESBIAN. I wish Grey’s would watch this show so they could get a clue about how to drop in casual hints about Arizona’s past sexapades because visualizing teen Vero being all super gay in her high school bathroom is both hilarious and hot. Fourth, the look exchange between Maca and Claudia in fifth gif is why I loved these two as best friends. Fifth, your stupid face, Carolina, it makes it impossible for me to hate you.

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Maca & Esther ♥

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Vero: And I thought my work was here, but suddenly I’m offered another job and I can’t resist the urge to run away.
Maca: It doesn’t strike me as strange. Living by the ocean, a good paycheck..it isn’t bad, right?
Vero: I also thought you were the love of my life, but I was just the obstacle keeping you from yours.
Maca: What do you mean?
Vero: Maca, so you can get back with Esther, your kids.. the life you had before.
Maca: Right…thanks for reminding me. Everyone keeps telling me I should get back with Esther, but maybe I don’t deserve it. Vero…
Vero: Come on, sit down.
Maca: I can’t. I need to go back inside.
Vero: You know what I would like … to ask you to come with me.
Maca: Will you ask me? Vero does a “I don’t know” shrug. You look really pretty today.
Vero: The director of the hospital thought exactly the same thing.
Maca: What is it with you and directors of hospitals?
Vero: Come on, let’s go back inside…

It figures that Maca and Vero’s unofficial last break-up scene highlights the exact reason why I love them as a couple. Sure, they were kind of terrible together most of the time, but this exchange is so honest, mature and funny that I can’t help but wish they were still together. Perhaps, in a parallel fictional universe, they are still one scorching couple. I love that Vero basically admits defeat in the face of Maca and Esther ultimate OTP-ness and she says it in way that isn’t needy or whiny, but just a (sad) statement of fact that should be milked for dramatic sadness (although, they did get in a dramatic zoom in), but instead Maca and Vero turn it into an opportunity to banter…one of the things they did best. These two were so much better as friends and I wished Vero had stuck around to become Maca’s BFF because their flirty, inappropriate banter would have been hilarious to watch. Also, CAROLINA’S FACE! Side note, I would kill to see a lesbian break up scene on US TV that is as good, sad and matter of fact as this one is. I will never see it. Ever.

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Carolina Cerezuela with my red cloakPhoto by Rebeca Saray 


Carolina Cerezuela with my red cloak
Photo by Rebeca Saray 

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“¿Qué voy a decir yo de Esther? Que es la mujer de mi vida.”What do you want me to say about Esther? She’s the love of my life.


“¿Qué voy a decir yo de Esther? Que es la mujer de mi vida.”
What do you want me to say about Esther? She’s the love of my life.

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